"Where do I begin?  April has brought the energy of security, love, warmth yet fierceness to where I feel completely at ease to let my feelings and movement blossom.  She encourages us to open our mind and body and to allow ourselves to revel in whatever it is we’re feeling.  Plus she pays extra attention to us during practice and if I can’t nail a particular move, she teaches me muscular techniques to get my body stronger.  Thank you April for everything you do for me and the women in our tribe 💜"

- Laura E.  




"In my 27 years as a dancer, I’ve come across many forms of dance and a myriad of teachers but April and the movement she teaches stands out above all.  I have grown immensely as a dancer through her instruction - both in strength and skill.  Most importantly she has allowed me to express my true feminine self - she has given me a comforting, safe space to express emotion through the form of dance.  I am humbled by her presence as a teacher and a dear friend.  She combines the physicality of dancing with the spiritual aspect of movement. I am often reminded of this quote when I am with her “If I have seen further, it is because I have stood on the shoulder of giants.” - Newton 

She is one of my giants and I go farther in my personal and professional life by her skill, compassion, incredible intelligence and above all passion for feminine movement.  She is a game changer and has changed my perspective on how I view the feminine body, what is “appropriate” movement and by pushing the boundaries of what I know to be dance.  I work as a physician taking care of disabled individuals and I can’t provide what I do for my patients without my healing dance practice with April. She is simply the best."

- Seema B. 





"In 2006 my life was turned upside down when my husband and father of my 2 small children died suddenly.  Through my faith and my family I was healing, but there was something missing. I needed my mojo back.  I walked into an S Factor studio a pretty square, suburban mom with 2 left feet.  I am quite incapable of keeping up in any kind of choreographed step class or Zumba class.  What I found was a safe place.  A place to discover who I was apart from Erin the widow, Erin the mom, Erin the nurse.  Without even realizing what was happening, I fell in love with myself.  Through the eyes of my teachers, I discovered a woman who was broken, but all those broken little pieces make me who I am today.  My teachers were the mirror I needed to tell me that I am beautiful in my pain and breathtaking in my longing.  My little comfortable square that I had put myself in for so long began to break down, and I could finally accept myself as a fully alive woman with sadness, joy, and heaven forbid, lust.  I am still all the things I was when I walked into that studio the first day, but so much more.  I am a Christian, I am a mom, a widow, a wife again (and a much better one than I was the first time!), a sister, a daughter, a nurse, someone you shouldn’t watch during Zumba because I’m not getting it right, and a woman who is finally comfortable in the feminine body God put me on this earth to walk in every day, even with all the “imperfections” it may have.  This movement changed my life, because I dared to walk into a studio so many years ago with a stripper pole just to get my mojo back."

- Erin S.



"I can’t imagine a Tuesday night without April. Actually – I can’t imagine life without April! I’ve been taking classes from April for seven years now. First at S Factor Houston and now through her S Factor classes being held at another studio.  And I’ve taken Flex and Lap Dance classes from her so many times I’ve lost count!  April is one of the most caring and nurturing instructors I’ve encountered in my ten years of pole fitness.  She truly cares about her students both in and out of class.   After I had major hip surgery five years ago, she was very attentive to modifying the workout to accommodate my physical needs.  And now that I have a chronic shoulder problem, she makes sure that my physical needs are met with that as well.  But most importantly to me, April nurtured me through a life-changing event several years ago that continues to affect me even today.  She has showed me how to move my emotions through my body and process them in a healthy and sustainable way.  My movement practice with April has been life-changing, and the sisterhood that I have with April and the community of women I have come to know through her classes is something I’ll have with me for a lifetime!"

- Brandi C.



"Sometimes I feel like an #undercoverpolestar ...

....I am a well established instructor and have taken (and lead) more teacher trainings than I care to count. Let's just say I am very aware of what is and is not a good class, and I have come across the gambit in my travels. Finding a truly good class is rare, and I feel like when I find one it is worth mentioning. I'm not talking about a class where I learned a cool trick or we did crazy hard stuff, I'm talking about classes that balance what students need in their bodies, in their hearts and in their training. Classes that have a good warm up and prepare you appropriately for what you are about to do; classes that activate muscle groups before stretching them; teachers that think about their students as a whole person and give them movements and variations that are appropriate; instructors who explain the why, not just the what, so students can see the full picture and understand that their training is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes patience, dedication and attention to detail to improve.

Today I took a great class at Verticality In Houston with April Kaminski. Bravo April, you made my day. Your warm-up was balanced and effective, totally appropriate for the class you had prepared. You snuck in a warm up freestyle to get us moving, in our bodies and hot enough to have some stick to actually do pole with and another sneaky strength-building freestyle at the end. Never did you use the word "freestyle", so students had no opportunity to pipe up and say they don't like doing them (which I hear all the time.. "I don't like to dance", "I just want to do tricks"). More than anything you were supportive and concluded class with self affirmations about loving our body, and thanking our body instead of judging it. Even after all these years, I still need to be reminded of these things and your words were not lost on me. Thank you again. I will definitely be coming back to your class."

- Rebecca Starr



"April is a beautiful person inside and out. I can’t say enough good things about her personality and teaching style.  She always brings humor and energy to class that is contagious. She takes the time to stress the importance of how we should honor our bodies with correct stretching and meditation.  She gives personalized attention and guidance unique to each girl based on their level of participation.  She encourages us to find and express ourselves through music, movement, touch, emotions and dance wear at our own comfort.

When I signed up as a student I was lucky to be placed within April’s care and ever since I have been hooked.  In the two short hours I am with her, I feel like she is one of us as she melts into the safe haven of class along with the students. My powerful femininity is brought to the surface and explored because of the warm environment and calm direction that is provided.  She not only gives me the weekly exercise regimen and personal ramp up I look for in class but I get to take the feeling that I am on cloud nine with me.  From the time I get into my car to drive home, to the bathtub, to my kitchen while I cook dinner and beyond, I reenact the lessons I learned from the day. 

In addition to being a dedicated instructor, I see April as a friend.  I can’t thank her enough for my positive experience and I look forward to a long and ongoing fun time in her classes."

- Amber F. 




"When I first started taking class from April, I saw her class as a space for me to get an amazing workout (hello abs!) and have fun with my pole sisters.  But over time I gained so much more than that because she created a safe space for me to release the worries of the day, to work through emotions I didn’t know I had, to slow down and just be in the moment.  Now, when it all gets to be too much, I know she’s there under the red lights, with a welcoming smile, an open heart, and one of those hugs that just lets you know it will all be okay.  Over the years she’s held many roles for me - starting out as my teacher and ending up as my sister, my friend."

- Taneka D.






"I started taking classes from April to learn how to "pole" and quickly realized is about so much more. April has led me on a journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-love. I have not only learned to "pole", but gained an incredible friend in April, and found the true core of who I am. I warn all my friends: "You will get hooked, but you will also get super buff!" I also tell them, "It is my favorite thing EVER. It is what gets me through the week."

Jackie S.



 "This class is more then I can verbalize but if I stop my head and let my heart flow it speaks: this class is for that small voice inside you that has been husheded through the years. Allow April Kaminski Instructor to whisper to her, to guide her, to give her the knowledge and confidence that she needs to once again break free and yell, scream or simply stand in her truth, her confidence, her power.  I sigh and scream Yaaassssssss! Hell yes, f*** ya! It’s ok to be me!  All of me!  Thank you April for helping me discover again all that is me and for giving me a space to recognize others, in their Beauty and cheer for them!  For reclaiming confidence in myself and the strength that is all of us!"

- Noelle B.




"I really enjoyed your class! Your energy and your positive attitude is contagious. Besides working on strengthening our bodies , you are also focused on us as a whole ; mind, soul, and spirit.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and how much you impact others.  I am on a mission to restore my confidence, and embark on new adventures in life, and I am so happy to have chosen movement as one of my vehicles. I really appreciate your kindness and the time you took to connect with me.   Your words were right on point, as if you sensed something.  Everyone can see that you really love what you do,  and you love helping others.  And by the way, although you had an injury,  you kicked butt!!!! I am so glad to have met you , and I look forward to being taught by you in the future.  I have a long way to go, but I am so excited. Thank you again April."

- B.Q.



"I wanted to thank you for planting that passion within me, to always love myself. 
When I first walked into your class I felt a nurturing energy from you that always allowed me to be 100% me, and it has been the most amazing gift that anyone has given me.
From the first class, I felt seen by you.

You were kind and took the time to show me, I was a lost kid and you kindly took my hand and showed me the direction. Other teachers had showed me the way but it was you the one that touched my heart, with your words, your passion, your kindred spirit. 
You have always been and will continue to be my Biggest Sensei.
Thank you April, for planting that seed of self love, thank you for allowing me to grow in my own time, thank you for challenging me, thank you for loving me exactly the way I am, thank you for sharing your story and being brave.  That opened my heart to share mine, and has been the most rewarding 3 years of my life.
Each day that passes by I know more of me, and it all started because you believed in me.  Now that has transformed in letting me believe in myself.
I am beyond thankful that you are my teacher, a friend, a person I look up to, an admirable woman.
Thank you with all of my heart for letting this seed grow, thank you for nourishing my soul every timeI'm in class and thank you for being you."

- MC



"Flex Class with April is life changing!  If you have any lingering minor injuries or muscle soreness, April will deep stretch them right out!"

- D.L.




"If the meaning of the word "Instructor" was deeper and if the word "Teacher" was deeper, 


If the word "class" meant only a place for learning , it is not her class.

She will find who’s living inside of you, she will teach you, cry with you, laugh with you and yes, she will take you to somewhere in you that you never enter. 

This is Miss April, and her classes."