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Music Tasting Workshop

A Deep Dive into Music & the Erotic Body

Date announced soon!

Join us for a musical exploration through movement! Music can unlock emotion and desire, giving your body permission to move freely into a sensually alive state. Explore your personal preferences and discover new ones as you learn how to taste the notes, flavors, melodies, emotions and so much more, using the deep genius of our highly intelligent erotic bodies.

Brain Immersion Workshop

Date announced soon!

Brain Immersion is the 8-step tool at the core of the philosophy of S Factor movement. It teaches the art of becoming truthfully immersed into a state of body-led (vs. brain-led) movement by allowing your brain to immerse down into your physical body. When you are brain immersed, your body awakens to her truthful, moment-to-moment authentic movement - the most beautiful and authentic form of freestyle dancing. Unbridled, un-choreographed, and raw. For the women who are ready to dive deep into the genius of their feminine, sensual, thinking, feeling body.

Pole Review

4-class series - one Saturday/month

Date announced soon!

Ready to revisit your connection to the pole? In this 4-class series (one class per month), we’ll review the entire library of pole tricks that you learned in the beginning of your pole journey, The progressive series includes a comprehensive technical breakdown beginning with floor-based foundational movements such as pirouettes, bends, and body waves, moves to basic spins and multiple variations, poses, and explores climbs and inversions. Previous pole experience required for this class.

and also.........lookie what you missed! 

FFM (Fluid Feminine Movement) 

Saturday, Dec. 15 @ 9:30 AM - Creative Crossings, Sugar Land, TX

Saturday, Jan. 12 @ 9:30 AM - Creative Crossings, Sugar Land, TX 



Monthly peer support group for women adult survivors of sexual trauma. 

Meets the second Thursday of each month @ 5:30 pm in Heights location of Houston, TX.




This monthly group gathering is not intended to “fix” or “heal” the grief or trauma. This group is a peer support model, and the sole intention is to create a vital, resilient, connected community with a healthy response to being with others who have shared a similar experience. It’s a chance to share that we are here together, to acknowledge that we all are living with and carrying a big, heavy thing that continues to affect and influence our lives, our decisions, our responses, and even our relationships. We share resources, lessons, inspiration, and even little laughter along the way as we learn and continue to thrive on our own individual journey of healing. You are not alone.

Each meeting includes a guided movement session (please wear comfortable active wear).

Please contact me directly for more information, or to register.



Ladies' Beach Getaway


July 20-22

2018 Beach Getaway.jpg


We'll be swirling, sunning, dancing, laughing together in a beautiful, private beachfront home, literally 100 steps from the ocean.

This exclusive event sold out within 28 hours of being announced!




Pure Dance

Tuesday, July 31st @ 6:30 PM


June Pure Dance

Saturday, June 23rd @ 1:30 PM - Sonia's World of Dance, Houston, TX



FFM (Fluid Feminine Movement) 

Saturday, June 2nd @ 3 PM - Creative Crossings, Sugar Land, TX

Saturday, June 16th @ 3 PM - Creative Crossings, Sugar Land, TX 



Stretch Lab

Minx & Muse Studio, Austin, TX

Sat. April 7, 12:15 PM

This 75 minute class is mindfully crafted to bring sexy fun and healthy, sustainable range of motion to the body. In the privacy of a candle-lit space you will awaken, engage, stretch, tone, and lengthen your way into body-loving bliss!

This full body stretching class is appropriate for all levels, from the very beginning to the advanced practitioner.  



Pure Dance

Sonia's World of Dance

Saturday, April 14 @ 12:30 PM




(Fluid Feminine Movement)

Creative Crossings Studio, Sugar Land, TX 

Saturday, April 14th @ 3:30 PM

This open-level, candle-lit class is intelligently designed to guide women through a sensual flow of body-loving movement, to awaken the curves of the feminine body and ignite the feminine spirit. Designed to empower, to strengthen the whole woman, inside and out.